May 10 is fast approaching.... So disappointing to hear some of our brothers and sisters claiming to have chosen the best president there is because of the survey ratings. They are very much afraid of going teo a president whose not going to win anyway. Such a shame reason and being an irresponsible voter. After a year, these people are the same people that will run to the streets and will ask the president again to step down. What good does it bring our country if we ourselves won't try
to grow up. We keep shouting that we are tired of dirty politics but we still continue to follow the shadows of our old ways. Why can't we just simply read and understand the advocacy and qualifications of these candidates. Why can't we base our vote to our conscience and knowledge about what they can do and how will they do it. These are the very essential character that we should change and I believe it should be followed by changing our constitution. 

This is the first automated election in the history of our country though we manually vote LMAO. I'm so happy to see a lot of new voters and youth who has been interacting through the internet and sharing their incites about happening in the route to May 10 election. I pray that we will have a peaceful election and that people will vote not for popularity but they believe in his advocacy, his vision, his platform and his qualifications. Let us not think about ourselves alone but for the years to come. The new generation that will enjoy a more competitive government, firm stand and with integrity. Let us avoid the notion that a person will be assumed guilty unless proven innocent. We keep denying but thats the reality and i myslef have seen it over a million times. Let us exercise our rights to vote. This is the only time that we can help our country rebuild and be a stronger nation than ever. Please vote wisely....... Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS.
9/7/2012 11:51:58 pm

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