Some says its just a competition and after the finale so as everything else ends. They say its never a big deal anyway, its for fun and a little earning of bragging rights LOL. It has been a great experience for me, compete to individuals of pure talent. I never thought it would be as exciting and fun. I couldn't thank more to those people involve in giving me the chance to reach the finale. More power to y'all and hope you will post your blogs and articles here. ROCK ON \m/

maria Palacios Al-Ameri
6/28/2009 06:35:16 pm

Hi Dodong,
First most, let me congratulate for creating this very special website for all the ever talented pinoys in KUwait. Surely it will not end during the finale. We have bigger goals to reach and the finale was just the beginning to a greate purpose. Let us move on, march forward to reach the goal with all sincerety and commitment to tap, discover and develop more talents that will we pinoys can be very proud of and above all let us not forget helping our fellow kababayans most especially those who are in great need of our assistance. We may not have given you something to your expectations, but then I believe the fact that you were able to know, meet more friends, is more than enough and is even greater than the material gain. KUDOS and I Salute everyone for the job well done.

6/29/2009 04:25:43 am

It was a nice experience to be part of that event. The opportunity of knowing fellow music enthusiasts and prominent personalities. Lot of speculations about how the event goes but I myself just don't give a damn on it. LOL. I'm very happy to perform and did really enjoyed every bit of it. PROUD TO BE PINOY and tnx for the comments. Do appreciate it. God bless everyone.


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